Working overseas, often in high risk environments and witnessing dreadful human suffering, takes its toll on you and those around you. I understand that from first hand experience.

I aim to support and empower those impacted to regain their equilibrium. With many years experience in the humanitarian sector, I understand the challenges, obstacles and opportunities faced by those working overseas, their families, friends and colleagues.

I know it can be difficult to ask for help. “I have no right to feel like this because there are so many who are worse off than I am” is a common sentiment amongst those working with communities impacted by disaster – but you do!

Counselling and therapy can help you to understand yourself and build your own resilience and long term mental well-being, as well as tackling immediate and often long buried issues and concerns that can affect us all on a day to day basis. 

As well as working with individuals, I also work with organisations to review practices and culture for improving staff safety and wellbeing.

I am based in Nottingham and can see clients in person (once Covid-19 restrictions allow) and / or on-line.

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Some well-earned R&R, Gatineau River, Canada 2016

“The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no one recipe for living that suits all cases.”

Carl Jung